Graphic design.
No graphics software program bestows artistic taste or talent on its user, but good graphical design is essential for an attractive website. Knowledge & expertise are required to produce attractive, clean graphics, and website graphics need to be optimized to the smallest possible file size, prior to uploading to the website server, to facilitate the fast loading of web pages when users view your website on the Internet.

Website Navigation.
Directing visitors to where they need to go, quickly and efficiently can be difficult and quite complex, especially on large websites over 15 pages or so. Good website navigation design comes from experience & planning, not from good software. Website navigation can be handled in several different ways, including buttons, interfaces, drop down menus, embeding hyperlinks into images or simple HTML text links.

Java and Flash.
Basic websites are dramatically transformed by the use of dynamic program applications such as Macromedia Flash, Java Script & Java Applets, adding web page animations, small pop up windows, site search capabilities, website navigation & dynamis text etc, the list is endless.

Online Marketing.
An outside company doesn't really understand your business like you do. Make sure you communicate exactly what you need to achieve. The best website design firms understand how to build Web marketing into the site design to make it search engine friendly, to make the sales pages really sell, etc.